Show Strides - Book 1:  School Horses and Show Ponies
Show Strides - Book 1:  School Horses and Show Ponies

Show Strides - Book 1: School Horses and Show Ponies

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Aimed at both young readers and horse lovers of all ages, Show Strides is a series of novels about riding, horse shows, and what it takes to succeed in the sport we all love, written by The Plaid Horse publisher, Piper Klemm, and Rennie Dyball, an author, equestrian, and editorial coordinator for The Plaid Horse. 

Description of Book 1:

Tally Hart loves riding in the lesson program at Quince Oaks. But when a new trainer arrives with his student, Mac, and her pony hunter, Joey, Tally will be introduced to a whole new world of horse shows. With the extra saddle time she earns working at Oaks, Tally takes advantage of every ride she gets, from school horses to show ponies.


“Don’t forget to label those,” her dad said, nodding at the white and pink rosettes. Tally had actually been considering just throwing them out.

“Why? This isn’t exactly a show I want to remember.”

“I’ve told you this before, Tal. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. And you know I think you should label the back of every ribbon. You’ll look back at them one day and be happy you did.”

“Pick up your canter and then establish the pace you want. Ring speed. Get that canter and keep her there. We’ll work on finessing it, but for now, I just want you to get that number, so cowboy-kick if you have to.”

As they approached the first rail, Tally felt like they were flying. Almost as if they were going too fast.

“That’s the pace, Tal, don’t change it. Now jump in and count.”

The next morning, Tally’s alarm went off at 6 a.m. and she flew out of bed, having been awake for at least an hour already. This was it. An away show. An A-rated show. Just like she’d watched Mac do and wished to be a part of herself someday. And she was already getting to do it.

About Rennie Dyball

Rennie Dyball is the creator and co-author of SHOW STRIDES, a middle-grade equestrian series published by The Plaid Horse. Her picture book debut, B IS FOR BELLIES, will be published by Clarion (Spring 2023). She has also ghostwritten and co-authored several memoirs


Bought this book for my pony crazy 8 year old, she loved it so much she read it a second time waiting for books 2 and 3!!

I loved reading all the books in the Show Strides series. You feel like you are at the barn. The characters--horse and people--are so real! Fun!!!

I purchased this book for my 12 yr old niece who is currently obsessed with anything and everything horses. Her mom sent me a text to let me know she wouldn't put the book down, was bringing it to school, and even to the barn to show her riding trainer. We got rave reviews from her and she asked when the next books will be released. Looking forward to sending her more as they become available. Thanks for supplying horse crazy kids a family friendly, horse-related book for youngsters to enjoy!

This is seriously the best series for young equestrians. It is relevant, realistic, and inspiring. As a young rider, myself, I loved having a series to read about the (specific) English hunter/jumper world. I loved immersing myself into Quince Oaks and found many resemblances from my barn. To this day, I still ride anything that I can get my hands on....from school horses to show ponies.

Growing up reading The Saddle Club this book took me back to those days. I loved the messages the book portrayed about hard work, dedication and learning to handle disappointment. These concepts were woven in throughout a great story that had me reading from cover to cover. If there is a horse crazy kid in your life, don't think twice buy it now!

Knowing the series is targeted toward a younger age group, I was uncertain how much I would enjoy it, but I really loved it! It was a fun, easy read with great messages woven throughout. I found myself walking around the house reading it just like I used to with The Saddle Club books as a kid!

A fun read for the pre-teen. Good story line and good characters. I like that there wasn't a mean girl at the barn, there is enough negativity in the world already. I like the ending and hope it means this will become a series. Clearly written by people who know horses!

School Horses and Show Ponies is the first in the Show Strides series, a fantastic series for younger riders. So many young riders will be able to relate to the main character Tally. The book goes over the highs and lows of Tally's riding experiences. It addresses a number of challenges like dedication, moving up to new divisions, and changing trainers. It is an immersive story with some great lessons.

We have a few copies of the Show Strides series at our farm that our pony kids love to read and share! Its the perfect series for any horse lover- hoping for a fourth book soon!

This is a great book for all ages. I read it to the kids I was babysitting for and they loved it! Little did I know I was going to love it just as much! Great book for kids whether it is at school, in the barn, or for fun!

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